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Skåne, Sweden
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Hi there, I'm just a guy in my eeearly twenties livin in southern Sweden and I am of course a huge fan of comics and sci-fi (which seems to be a bit more acceptable these days so that's nice). When I'm not reading, watching telly, drawing, hanging out (or dancing. I do like dancing) with friends or surfing the net I'm usually trying to figure out what the hell to educate myself for. Tricky business that. Maybe I'll work with communication or maybe cultural geography, who knows? Hopefully me in a short while. Stay tuned.
Hmmm kinda hard to think of stuff to put here. Tell ya what, if there's anything you want to know, ask me about it.
Maybe I'll start using LJ as a blog or a journal thingie or something, though I've tried that sort of thing in the past, and eventhough I felt I was somewhat witty and brought forth interesting stuff about the things I care about, I couldn't be bothered to keep it up. :P
But maaayybe.
Anyway that's pretty much me. So there.

Edited some time later to add: i did go with informatics for an education. No don't ask me to explain what it is. ...Cus I don't exactly know.